Getting the IgNobel Prize!

It has been a great experience to receive the IgNobel prize, which makes people laugh and then think. The prize highlights the innovative and improbable research, and promote scientists thinking out of the box. I am happy to now belong to this community of scientists combining partly humor with research.
The last few days I have shared many laughs and new insights with my fellow Prize Winners. To be part of the whole event has been great and I have learned much about, for example, personalities of rocks, lies, badger life, and itching arms seen in mirrors. The project we won the prize for, how horseflies find the black but not white horses, a project I have pursued togethter with Gabor Horváth and his hungarian reasearch team received much attention and interest from the audience at the afternoon talks at MIT, Cambridge where the IgNobel Prize winners were lecturing 24 September.   

I truly recomend to catch up with more improbable research at the IgNobel homepage.

The Prize.

...and the Prize money.

 Our research has been summarized by a short film by Lund University.


More info from Lund University

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