Part 2:3 Radar calibration field campaign

During the autumn of 2015 the Lund tracking radar and LUMBO will participate in a large scale field campaign to calibrate different types of radar and lidar stations. The campaign is coordinated by CAnMove and is a major project within the European Network for Radar surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM). The Swedish metrological and hydrological institute (SMHI) will contribute with data from weather radar. A Swiss team from Vogelvarte Sempach will operate a fixed beam bird radar and a Italian group from Ornis Italica participate with ornithological radars. Rothamsted Research, UK will contribute with a vertical looking  entomological radar. Property owner Berit Sjögren has very kindly offered us to temporarily install our research equipment at an excellent site in the Kullaberg nature reserve, near SMHIs newly upgraded weather radar station in Ängelholm.
The aim of the campaign is to record the migration of birds and insects over the Kullaberg nature reserve, to compare the results from the different small scale radars to each other and to investigate to what extent the new SMHI weather radar can detect migrating insects and birds.

The Lund tracking radar is now in place and operational and we hope that the other biological radars and lidars will arrive soon!

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/Cecilia Nilsson & Johan Bäckman

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