Preparing the radar for a new field season!

Moving the tracking radar from Falsterbo

The renovation of the tracking radar has been ongoing for almost a year now, and is soon finished. The mobile tracking radar was first moved from the field site in Falsterbo to Ljungbyhed airfield. There we have had expert help from, among others, C-G Carlsson and Bertil Larsson to take it all apart and put it back together.  The radar equipment was moved into a similar, but in much better shape, trailer. The new trailer was then repainted in its original green color. During the summer the radar will be moved to a new field site in Kullaberg nature reserve.
On site at Ljungbyhed, emptying the old radar trailer. Photo: Aron Hejdström
Part of the radar equipment that was installed in the new trailer. Photo: Aron Hejdström
Parts of the old trailer were dismantled. Photo: Aron Hejdström
Working on the new trailer. Photo: Aron Hejdström
Repainting with the original paint

Soon ready to go back into the field!
//Cecilia Nilsson

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