A long day

Field work this far north is fantastic! It is still light now just before Midnight and we could in principle have continued for yet another couple of hours when we left the field after 13 h catching swifts at one of our four sites. Quite amazing!

The swifts are foraging as some of them has young in the nest, but at this time of year they do not seem to visit their nest to frequently in the afternoon as they seem to take longer foraging flights away from the colony. This experience has made us wait for the last bird to return (no. 4 at a site where we have catured 3 out of 4 today) for several hours. Finally we had to give up and return to our base to sleep. Our new strategy is an early start tomorrow, to try to catch the bird when it leaves the colony in the morning. I hope it will be a successful try, but on the other hand, who knows? Do they sleep at all?? Up here it is almost constant daylight, so a short rest might happen, but a few hours in the nest might not. Fingers crossed.... Ok, time for me to get some sleep...


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